Product Launchpad


Benefits of Innovation Product Launch

We make amazing & easy product Launchpad likes yours to launch on Shoppingjinni and help your products get invented. We provide exclusive launch platform that provides new product innovation the much needed brand visibility. We use pre-commerce world class expertise, top infrastructure and powerful marketing tools to help your success story and allowing you more time to focus on early brand innovation development and growing your product launch stage and help to build next success brand of tomorrow. Shoppingjinni exclusive pre-commerce multi-brand launch platform & one stop solution to buy new innovation Product.

We help you get launch your products to market fast & quickly, from account setup to your first sale. Take advantage of Shoppingjinni network to launch new product innovation fast and with a bigger impact on available customer to buy.
Next big trend to hit the Existing digital e-commerce trend. Your company size does not matter. We will enable you product to launch your product successful with wide range of marketing support to help your products get invented. MVP (Minimum Viable Product) Methodology helps to evaluate start-up ideas in less and risk free manner.
Our Pre-commerce platform made exclusive product Launchpad showroom information that helps new and existing brand manufacturer can launch their success stories and connect with Shoppingjinni customers where customer can buy latest innovations product exclusively on Shoppingjinni and get high market visibility.
Shoppingjinni is a worldwide pre-commerce product launch-pad programme. Shoppingjinni change the current e-commerce market is going to next digital trend and to understand global requirement to maximise online customer. Shoppingjinni can help you to take advantage of our online pre-commerce platform, trusted customer service and exclusive product delivery benefits across the India and global.

Challenges of Product Launch

Challenges for New Invention Product Launch & Solution

Market Product

Launch Product
on Shopingjinni

Brand Visibility

Sell you Products
on shopingjinni

Ready to Grow
your Brand & Business

Our Designed Programme

Our world class product Launchpad program is designed exclusively to serve start-ups like you in four key ways. Each Start-up
everywhere are looking to create the next big thing, but this is not always an easy task, especially when resources are tight.
Here we designed simple ways to bring innovation to our start-up


Launch smarter

Leverage start-up focused resources so you can continue to innovate and grow.


Build your brand

Leverage personal marketing consultations, and take advantage of other tools and resources to learn how to better grow your business.


Increase awareness

Start-up utilizes Shopping jinni’s marketing tools and receives dedicated marketing placements.


Expand globally

Explore a pathway to launching in Indian Market as well as international markets such as: UAE, UK, Germany, France, Korea and Japan.

List Your Innovation

Easy Steps to Launch your Product Visibility. Once you list your innovation products and are accepted into the programme,
you can quickly get started with Shoppingjinni Launchpad.

Step 1 : Registration on Shopping Jinni

Register as a Shoppingjinni Vendor through vendor central, we will help you in creating your account for managing your ShoppingJinni vendor account, and setting up with document verification. Upload the required product information to our systems

Step 2 : Create Invention Brand Page

Upload creative innovation to our systems, including photos, videos, descriptions and your unique start-up story. Then our marketing team would be to provide maximum information about your brand and products being launched

Step 3 : Ready Desktop

Finally, your product will be included on the Shoppingjinni Launchpad storefront along with receiving additional program benefits.
That’s it! With all the right parts and pieces in place, we will work together to help your products get discovered by our customers.
Get ready to watch your business grow.



Shoppingjinni show case innovative products and has developed an online portal to launch new brands & scalable innovative product solution. Innovator, with exclusive selling rights to Shopping Jinni, will get early market penetration, brand visibility with low product launch cost and exclusive feedback/ reviews.
ShoppingJinni has brought a unique idea for start-ups and innovators that would help them to propel their innovations or unique products in a hassle-free manner..
Pre-Commerce meaning pre + commerce or alternatively known as P+ Retail = Selling before the product exists or “buying products that doesn't exist yet”. Pre-commerce Online retail is for introducing new products, services, and brands to market by pre-launching online. Pre-commerce includes pre-sale commerce, incubation marketplaces. Buyer and Sellers pre-book the innovative products before it is made available in the market. This pre-commerce site is also making information and reviews available about the exclusive brand launch helping buyers to take a decision before buying products.
All India’s Start-ups, New Entrepreneurs, Manufacturer, Channel Partners, Sellers who wants to list innovative or innovation products. We are allowing start-ups, New Entrepreneur, Manufacturer, Seller more time to focus on early brand innovation development and growing your product launch stage and help to build next success brand of tomorrow.
Shoppingjinni will provide exclusive launch platform that provides new product innovation the much needed brand visibility. Shoppingjinni can only market or promote only on our website. We use promotion tools like- banners, slideshows, paid ads such on Facebook, Google AdWords, and Twitter to brands for more customer visibility and brand promotions. Shoppingjinni will not responsible for any kind of any external marketing.
Yes, Shoppingjinni has tie up with third party shipping service companies to manage end to end shipping and logistic needs. Also Seller has also option to ship direct to the buyer.
A traditional ecommerce company try to attract customers by dolling out discounts and offering low-cost EMIs. But the pre-commerce site bets on local innovations and absorbs all challenges of hindrances and is helping innovators and start-ups in promoting and delivering exclusive products in India. Also Indian online retails and ecommerce companies just focus on offering free home delivery, cheap products, without harnessing the potential of online buyer need

For a new brand and start-ups the usually challenges they confronts are:

  • No platform to launch their exclusive products or innovations
  • High cost of marketing
  • Massive competition from existing brands

Pre-commerce is transforming the way buyers shop online. The pre-commerce penetration has created new opportunities for buyers who seek unique products by allowing them to access products with unique features.

In e-commerce sites the connection between seller and buyer does not seem to exist and the online retail sites play the role of a middle man. But in India, where the experience of human interaction becomes important in business, pre-commerce site is bridging the channel of communication allowing a customer and seller to connect each other.