India has a vast market of innovative products. And a lot of innovative products in Indian market are launched with the help of pre-commerce website. An array of innovations from Indian start-ups and entrepreneurs has already created tumult in the global market and many are expected to become brand after entering the global market.


Millions of consumers are seen hunting for innovative products with Indian origin because of the fascinating features they possess. And in the entire scenario, ShoppingJinni is playing a crucial role by leveraging the Indian start-ups invention to showcase their products to the global audience by providing infrastructure, digital power and expertise.



“We know that the concept of pre-commerce and demand of innovative products in India online has a bright future and so we are investing heavily. We are welcoming Indian start-ups to come and launch their products on our website and realize their dream of becoming a brand”, says Dinesh Kumar, CEO & founder of ShoppingJinni.



We did mention the term pre-commerce above so the next question is how our pre-commerce site is going to help your start-up? Well, researchers are of the opinion that it is important to understand consumer behaviour because it is a permanent shift and also there is a lifestyle change that people love to possess quality innovative products at lower prices. ShoppingJinni has adopted similar approach to kick off a conversation between buyers and start-ups. Through this dialogue between them, we think that they can have a better and depth understanding of each other. By doing so, eventually our purpose will be achieved.


Multinational companies are eyeing the Indian market having realizing it’s potential. The MNCs are adopting reverse innovation strategy, which also reduce operational and manufacturing costs. Thus to help Indian start-ups so that they can take the advantage of reverse innovation, ShoppingJinni is acting as a launchpad. We are the pioneer of pre-commerce online website that would make it possible for you to unlock opportunities. At SoppingJinni, watch your product become a brand of tomorrow with us. Just fill up our Register Form to get started.