Pre-Commerce Is Transforming The Online Business


We live in an era of e-commerce but in the coming years it will become history. The pre-commerce segment is transforming the way companies and customers are doing online business in India. India’s start-ups and other innovative minds are seeing the influence of Pre-Commerce as revolutionary that will change the trend of doing online business. Dinesh Kumar, founder of the Indian pre-commerce site, is confident that in the next coming years more Indian retailers and start-ups will come on board and the site will be primarily driven by local innovations.


Indian e-commerce was exemplary of amazing growth but the leading pre-commerce site ShoppingJinni is expected to be much bigger and outsell the traditional online retailer sites by becoming a platform of exclusive product launch. This platform is focused on new start-ups, Innovative products and exclusive latest brands and gets high market visibility & opportunity for new brand.


The data obtained from various sources after research it can be assumed that online retail players which are aggressive currently will face a daunting challenge from pre-commerce site. The revolution brought by ShoppingJinni in the e-commerce industry will help artists, innovative minds and start-ups to get insight to understand customers.


“Shoppingjinni Vision is to empower people and start-ups to become future brands with the help of Innovation. We are trying to bridge the gap between Innovation and online selling and also trying to shape up the new brands of tomorrow & Start-ups” says Dinesh Kumar, CEO & founder of ShoppingJinni.


A traditional ecommerce company try to attract customers by dolling out discounts and offering low-cost EMIs. But the pre-commerce site bets on local innovations and absorbs all challenges of hindrances and is helping innovators and start-ups in promoting and delivering exclusive products in India.



For a new brand and start ups the usually challenges they confronts are:

  • No platform to launch their exclusive products or innovations
  • High cost of marketing
  • Massive competition from existing brands


Pre-commerce is transforming the way buyers shop online. The pre-commerce penetration has created new opportunities for buyers who seek unique products by allowing them to access products with unique features. For instance, ShoppingJinni is allowing buyers to shop unique products that are rarely found in e-commerce sites and even pre-order the products with the innovators or start-ups that are yet to be launched. This pre-commerce site is also making information and reviews available about the exclusive brand launch helping buyers to take a decision before buying products.


In e-commerce sites the connection between seller and buyer does not seem to exist and the online retail sites play the role of a middle man. But in India, where the experience of human interaction becomes important in business, pre-commerce site is bridging the channel of communication allowing a customer and seller to connect each other. So, in the coming years, you will see a significant growth of pre-commerce sites in India.