We know that pre-commerce has changed the face of the retail industry in India by creating the platform to launch products, faster delivery, great customer representative services, and lower prices. People who want to buy a unique product online in India can log on to a pre-commerce site and search for an innovative launches. ShoppingJinni is such a platform where it makes possible for both sellers and buyers sell and buy innovative and unique products respectively in an easy way.


In this rapidly changing technological era, the customer is becoming a more and more crucial part in the new generation PLCs (Product Life Cycles). The two ways to win the heart of a customer include designing a truly innovative product and making sure that the product serves a real purpose to the customers. This is where the pre-commerce marketing phase comes into play.


Two of the important ways in which a pre-commerce marketing phase work, include:


Pre-Launch Products Online


The pre-launch of products on an online platform will help the consumers to get unique collection of varied category of products that are usually not seen or available in typical e-commerce sites. Moreover, the artists or creator of a product will get the break to make the product a brand.


In other words, the pre-launch will help merchants, artists, tradesmen and individuals collect valuable information on how consumers expect the product in the market. Based on the reviews shared by the consumers, sellers of unique products can easily take steps to modify certain aspects of the marketing strategy or the product design, making it more likeable in the foreseeable future.


Operate a Pre-Commerce Site in India

Anyone who wants to launch their new products can take the help of our pre-commerce site ShoppingJinni. We ensure that your product is welcomed by the huge audience by adopting online marketing strategies such as email marketing, social media and graphic designing that are usually considered to be crucial marketing strategies.


We have dedicated our website keeping in mind the pre-commerce strategies so that you can launch your unique products. Here, with us you can also interact with the consumers and take valuable inputs from them during the design and development phase. The pre-commerce launch corner will also allow you to accumulate inputs for future projects of the company making these projects streamlined with the customers’ requirements.


This is exactly how true innovative launches in India are bound to happen in the near future.