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Saturday 21, March 2015

Shopping Jinni Grand Launching of Men and Women Collections with Big Discount Fever. Be the First to Buy …. is a top online shopping or e-store site in India’s and it is the India’s largest managed marketplace in the online store with multiple products, where customers can buy goods from online through internet. Shopping Jinni is one stop place for all your shopping need and buying online products through a fully automated online shop with extensive feature based on proven technology with minimum risk and time. 


As per our past experience, diligence in digital platform combine to help customer to stay close to new opportunity, wherever it arises next e-commerce website & online retail primarily a product on the Internet in India.


After having a grand success in selling online mobiles, tablets, laptops, computers, cameras, home appliances & electronics appliances through our online shopping website.


Now, Shopping Jinni is launching a new category for Men & Women segments with big discount fever. This new category will have Men and Women collection of cloths, footwear’s, watches, perfumes, sunglasses, cosmetics in upcoming weeks

Shopping Jinni offers 100% genuine product quality, great variety & low price with the quick delivery simple interface, and ending with the best customer service which customer has ever experienced with hassle free product return policies. Shopping Jinni  also  offers  free  home  delivery,  cash  on delivery  with multiple payment option such as Credit Cards, Debit Card, and Net Banking processed through a secure and trusted payment gateways latest technologies for all products along with easy interest-free EMI options on selected products.

The shopping Jinni vision is to become “India's top online shopping site and change the face of retail & online shopping business platform”.



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Saturday 07, March 2015

Is a Retail shopper feel safe & secure to sells their products at online shopping website?

Retail Supplier feel safe to sell their products at online shopping sites?

Online Shopping Sites aims to capitalize on what many believe is a significant growth opportunity for online shopping in India and India is the  second highest most population nation in the. Now a Day, India is the largest marketplace and has wide scope in online shopping and recent years it is growing rapidly. And online Shopping are also rolling out more programs to help you sell more products online.
India e-commerce market comprised that an internet user base of about 252 million as of Year 2014. The penetration of e-commerce is low compared to markets like the United States and the United Kingdom but is growing at a much faster rate with a large number of new comers. The industry consensus is that growth is at an inflection point.
Online Shopping Website has maximum online reach and highest credibility. When suppliers sell on online websites, Suppliers get access to a large customer base. Online Website gets lakh of pages visits daily. Supplier can also gain through faster payments and hassle-free returns.
A.      Supplier can expand online with no upfront or recurring cost
B.      Supplier own branded online store & product listings
C.      Millions of online shoppers can access your products
D.     It is secured and multiple online payment options
E.      It is effective, low cost, and scalable
F.       Provides world-class fulfilment - Supplier will pick, and ship for you
G.     Performance based Pricing - Pay Commission only when you sell.
H.     An online Shopping site provides outstanding customer services by e-Commerce experts.
I.        Anytime, anywhere, any device access to manage your online store.
How do Suppliers sell on Online Websites?
Selling on Online Website is easy. All Suppliers need to do is:
1.      First register yourself at a seller on online Shopping website.
2.      List all your products under its specific product categories.
3.      When a buyer places an order for your product through Online Websites, you package your product and dispatch it using online websites logistics partners.
4.      Online Websites will transfers the amount to your bank account after deductions.  
What are the documents required to register as a seller Online Websites?
Suppliers are required to have the following documents:
·         PAN Card/ID Proof
·         VAT Number
·         TIN Number
·         Address Proof - Bank Account or Credit Card Statement
·         A cancelled cheque
·         Central Sales Tax (CST) Documents
You should have a TIN number; Is supplier had to register first as a seller?
Registered supplier can sell online after getting TIN Number or registered in sales tax department.

Can supplier sell their goods without his websites and sell his products on online websites?
You do not need your own website. You can easily list all your products on online shopping websites with free of cost and start selling.

When can supplier start selling?
After all the required documents have been verified, your seller profile complete and listings are done, you can start selling.

Does supplier need to courier any products to online shopping sites?
When an order is placed for your product, you have to pack the product and dispatch it directly to the buyer through online shopping websites logistics partner.
What are the costs involved in selling goods on online shopping websites?
There is a specific commission rate for each product category. It then varies within each sub-category (between 3% to 25%). You can get the exact commission rate applicable to all suppliers by rate cards as per their categories.

How do Suppliers contact online shopping Websites to become a seller to sell their products online?  Is there a seller helpline?
Yes. Supplier can get all the help you need. Online shopping website now has a dedicated seller’s page and 24x7 supports for sellers. Supplier can raise a ticket through the seller support ticket dashboard. Alternatively, you may also email them at online shopping websites or simply SMS.

Some popular online shopping websites in India’s for such suppliers who wants to sell their products online such as, Amazon, Wal-Mart etc. 



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Thursday, 05, January 2015

Shopping Jinni :An Encyplopaedia of Online Shopping Products

Shopping Online can be a great experience for Shopping Jinni Customer. You don’t have to leave the comfort of our home and can quickly compare and read about all the competing products in order to pick the best one for you. But it can also be little frustrating if the process isn’t designed correctly.

Providing an experience that‘s classy, niche and all basic needs, It is a one-stop shop for all the human needs.


Versatile mega mart (P.) ltd. was conceptualised with the thought of bringing niche, classy products and customising them for the Indian market. It is an online classy and niche products selling company catering to all men, women & kid's and all home basic needs categories goods and products and one stop shop on 


Shopping Jinni is creating concept of niche, classy products and customising them for all category of customers from all over the India. Since its inception a very less time, Shopping Jinni built an impressive responsibility and offering more than assortment of 10000+ latest products across diverse latest categories with niche product from their own warehouses situated in all over India and over maximum strength of reputed sellers, shipping with fastest express courier partner to all towns, cities and villages in India. We offering 100% best genuine product quality, great selection, low price, quick delivery, simple interface, and ending with the best customer service you have ever experienced and customer has to Just wish-click & buy with hassle free product return policies and customer also enjoy the magical shopping experience with multiple payment option such as cash on delivery, credit cards, debit card, and net banking processed through secure and trusted payment gateways.


The areas in which its specialised in providing niche, 100% genuine, classy and customising products for all categories to customer across India, where clients thereby saving time, hassle free quality and delivery and money of clients and providing customised products for every deals.


Shopping Jinni has advanced forward under the aegis of Mr. Dinesh Kumar; the Founder & Director of who has started it is as an online shopping e-commerce portal in june 18th 2014. Since then, Shopping Jinni has been a pioneer in providing the best niche, 100% genuine, and customising products across India.


Shopping Jinni offers 24X7 customer support assistance to all clients withcustomise products for all categories to the customers for hassle free online shopping. The important principal that is follows is creating out-of-box niche products concept and delivering customise product according to the unique brief of the client.


The USP of Shopping Jinni is the variety of niche, classy latest and 100% genuine products is has to offers to its clients. For instance its multiple range of products such as MobilesTabletsMobiles AccessoriesLaptopsDesktop ComputersLaptop & Computer AccessoriesLED MonitorsCameraDslr’s CamerasCamera AccessoriesCamera LensesVideo PlayersAudioPlayerHome TheatreLED TV’sElectronic AppliancesWomen JewelleriesGifts & Stationaries. We also planning some latest categories of Niche products such as another top selling electronics, mobiles, laptops, cameras  products brands on our website such as Videocon, Samsung, Philips, LG, Toshiba, braun, HTC, Nokia, Dell, HP, Sony, Canon, Nikon and many more products and categories.


Shopping Jinni visualise aim being at the forefront as a become the no.1 online shopping mega mart and helps to " Make India Digital in Online Shopping ". Beside our customers by offering the most inviting buying environment in the industry while saving our customer time and money and building our brand to premier status by providing the 100% best & genuine products & delivery across the India and deliver something new each time to our clients.

To deliver an exceptional shopping experience by offering the best service, value, quality, and freshest products and giving back to the communities we serve.


Versatile Mega Mart (P) Ltd. has grown from 2 employees to 100 in One year, and is about to move from its 5,000-square-foot warehouse to one more than double in size, Head office situated in  A-35 jain park main  matiala road opp. sec.3 Dwarka near nawada metro station uttam nagar new delhi 110059. Tel: +91-9212779988 Email:, Site.:


Shopping Jinni challenges: “We also faced challenges of other bigger national and multinational e-commerce players may be holding off on India investments because they feel the market is still too immature, Indian experts says. Some companies may also be daunted by logistical challenges, or focused on markets like China or India, where growth is still strong”.


Today’s customer wants products at competitive prices but they also remember the quality and genuine products too which our main motive towards the online customers.


Shopping Jinni aims to capitalize on what many believe is a significant growth opportunity for online shopping in India second highest most populous nation, behind China. India e-commerce market comprised that an internet user base of about 250.2 million as of June 2014. The penetration of e-commerce is low compared to markets like the United States and the United Kingdom but is growing at a much faster rate with a large number of new entrants. The industry consensus is that growth is at an inflection point.


Unique to India (and potentially to other developing countries), cash on delivery & card payment is a preferred payment method. India has a vibrant cash economy as a result of which 80% of Indian e-commerce tends to be cash on delivery. For developing countries and low-income households in developed countries, adoption of e-commerce in place of or in addition to conventional methods is limited by a lack of affordable Internet access.


This emphasizes the importance of adopting an approach towards online e-commerce that puts business objectives first, rather than believing that technology alone can deliver the benefits described above.


In India 2,93,979,420 internet users and 10 million online shoppers has growth 14% of India population 1,271,702,542 with 1,22% population change penetration (%of population with Internet) i.e. 10.19% and country share of world population 17.50% and Internet User 8.33% and India has 3 rank in global in using Internet.


Betting on India E-Commerce Portal. Expanding business rapidly in populous in India, where the e-commerce industry is set to boom.


Company Profile



The India Market in 2014


Population :1,271,702,542


Online users: 10 million online shoppers.


Retail Sales:   $900 billion in year 2014.


E-commerce Retail market : $2.3 billion of Retail market&   expected to grow to $675 Bn by 2016 and $850 Bn by 2020.


E-commerce :   250.2 million as of June 2014 


Opportunity at 1% of retails sales % million expected in 2014~18 Current $818.33 billion in 2015



Startup Name:

Headquarter: New Delhi, India

Founded:  2014

Description: The Company sell a wide range of Variety and goods from smart phones to home appliance and electronics.


Chief Executive : Mr. Dinesh Kumar Age, 31 year old Post Graduate Degree MBA in International & e-Diploma in Advance Software Technology.

Funding:  Inviting major investor in

Payments: Many Indian don’t have credit/debit cards, we allow the cash on delivery on maximum products and to pay cash when the products are delivered.

Delivery: Delivery item across that vast nation, home to more than 290 Million people.

Market: Versatile group also operates in across India.

Staff in 2013 : 20

Staff in 2013 : 80




























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Sunday, 18 January 2015


Shopping online can be a great experience for Shopping Jinni customer. You don’t have to leave the comfort of our home and you can quickly compare and read about all the competing products in order to pick the best one for you. But it can also be a little frustrating if the process isn’t designed correctly.


Looking around for that checkout link, having to fill out registration forms and then being told the product is out of stock isn’t going to make our day. Spend a little bit of time fine tuning our checkout process and polishing off the user experience and you’ll be rewarded with happier customers and more sales.


We follows Our 12 best useful steps to helps customer do just that.


1. We Don’t require registration to shop

Our customers are here to shop, not fill out forms. Make sure that the registration is done during the checkout process and not before — and certainly not before a visitor places goods into their shopping basket. Sign-up forms are barriers because they take effort and time to fill in.


By moving these barriers further down the line you increase the chance of our visitors becoming paying customers. This is because they’ve already spent time shopping so they’re less likely to stop now and waste that initial involvement. If that barrier is placed right at the beginning however, they might just walk away. Think of it as holding the door to our store open for our customers to come in.


2. We Inform customers if the item is available

Be clear about the availability of the items and inform our customers about the stock levels. If an item isn’t available, don’t take our potential customer through several steps just for them to discover that they can’t actually buy it right away. Don’t just display stock levels on product pages either, show them right on the search results page.


Additionally, if an item is out of stock right but will be available at a later date, offer a pre-order option so those people who aren’t worried about getting it right away can still make the purchase.


3. We Allow our customers to easily modify the order

Everyone makes mistakes. People put the wrong goods into their shopping basket or change their mind. Make sure you don’t frustrate our potential customers during the checkout process by making things easy to modify.


If someone wants to remove an item or items from their cart, don’t force them to enter the zero amount; instead, provide a “remove” link that will delete a product from the cart and ensure order modification is quick and easy.


4. We Provide users with real-time-support

Since the checkout process requires user’s input, it is very likely to assume that many users might experience problems – caused by any misunderstandings or some particular needs or interests that can not be easily defined using the available web-interface. In these situations it may be crucial to provide users with professional, personal assistance instead of sending them to large help- or FAQ-pages that may not have the solution to user’s problem. And, of course, if users don’t get the help they need and have doubts about the whole thing, they are very likely to cancel the checkout process.


Therefore it’s a good idea to add a chat- or telephone-assistance for the checkout process. Not every company can afford it, but middle and larger companies may want to consider this option, particularly if the checkout process is more involved.


5. We Keep the ‘Back’ button fully functional

The back button is one of the most used buttons in a web browser, so you can be sure some people are going to employ it during the checkout process on our site. Some sites disable the functionality of the Back button through automatic redirects or error messages, which is sure to negatively effect the visitor’s experience.


Not only should the back button lead to the previous page without encountering any errors, you should also save the user’s data so that it is displayed again if it’s a form. This allows people to make adjustments and carry on without having to re-fill the whole form. Yes, sometimes it’s too late to go back, like after clicking that last ‘Complete order’ button, but by ensuring that all the other pages get along with the Back button you can deliver a better user experience to our customers by saving them time and frustration.


6. We Provide photos, specifications and links for the items in the basket

Our customers will need to review their basket before clicking that final button that will complete their order to ensure they’ve actually got what they came here for. Item titles alone aren’t the best method for helping our visitors to quickly scan over the basket, so make sure to add pictures and product specifications — e.g. size, color, hardback or paperback.


Additionally, you should link these items to their product pages just in case the customer wants to verify that it is indeed the right item.


7. We Provide a progress indicator

Checking out is usually a multi-step process. This means the customer will have to navigate several pages before the order is complete. To make this process usable be sure to add a progress indicator that says exactly at what stage of the checkout process the customer is right now and how long there is left to go — i.e. list all the steps.

Knowing where you are in the topography of the site or process will give our users asense of control, which is important from a usability perspective. Also, knowing what stages are yet to come will eliminate any confusion — i.e. they will know when they get to the last step. This will makes it easier to click through as you know you can still modify or cancel the order at any of the stages before that.


8. We Keep the checkout interface simple

The checkout process is different to the rest of the browsing experience on our site. During this process our customers aren’t shopping — they’re making the purchase. This means all the browsing controls are redundant here and would only distract our customers from the task at hand. Eliminate these unnecessary elements — e.g. product category links, top products, latest offers, and so on — to keep the interface simple.


We Provide a “return to shopping” link in case the customer wants to go back and buy something else. Additionally, ensure all the buttons that point to the next step in the process are large and prominent so they’re not missed.


9. We Don’t take the user out of the checkout process

It’s essential that the checkout process isn’t disrupted, for example, but taking the customer to a different page. Taking the user out of the process can cause two problems: 1) they might get confused about where they are and even lose the checkout page by closing the tab or window. 2) they may get distracted and fail to complete the process.


To remedy this, we really need to find a way to show all of the necessary information on the checkout pages themselves. If you need to provide some help or information that doesn’t fit on the current page, use floating windows or, as a last resort, a pop-up window to display this. This allows you to present new material to the user without taking them out of the checkout process.


10. We Inform the users about delivery times

Shopping online has one big  i.e. we sure to tell our customers when they can expect to receive their products.


This is essential for a couple of reasons. Firstly, our customers may need to make sure there is somebody at home to receive the delivery; and secondly, you’ll set an expectation so they won’t need to keep guessing. Make sure these dates are shown as early as possible, preferably on the product pages themselves, so that our potential customers can judge whether or not they’ll get the item fast enough for their needs.


11. We Tell the customers what happens next

Okay, our customers have completed the order and clicked that last button — so what happens next? Finalize the order with a “Thank you” note. This is just being polite and our customers are sure to appreciate the kind words.

Also, make sure to tell our customers what will happen next — i.e. a message informing them that they’ll receive a confirmation email when the goods are shipped. This will clear up any uncertainties about their order and set the right expectations.


12. We Send out a confirmation email

our customer may have checked out and placed their order, but the process isn’t yet complete. Send out a confirmation email with the details of their order and a delivery estimate. The order details will be helpful as they’ll allow our customers to verify that they’ve ordered the right things.


We sends an email after customer checked out to confirm the details and we also explain how you can modify it before it’s shipped.

If there’s a mistake, they should be able to log back in and modify their order before it has been shipped. Simple mistakes like choosing the wrong size or color will happen, so make the shopping experience easy and supportive for our customers.


Who is Shopping Jinni?

Shopping Jinni is India's largest growing online shopping B2C e-customer portal. Our customer centric approach helps online customers to searches maximum ranges of products and categories. We provide the best experience of online shopping to our customers.  We offering multiple range of products such asMobilesTabletsMobiles AccessoriesLaptops , Desktop ComputersLaptop & Computer AccessoriesLED MonitorsCameraDslr’s CamerasCamera AccessoriesCamera LensesVideo PlayersAudio PlayerHome Theatre,LED TV’sElectronic Appliances , Women JewelleriesGifts & Stationaries and upcoming products such as Watches, Garments, Women’s Apparel, Men Apparel, Automotive & Health, Home & Kitchen, Footwear, lifestyle accessories , sports  and  fitness and products from a host of other categories available. Some  of  the  top  selling electronic brands on the website are Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Dell, HP, Sony, Canon, Nikon, LG, Toshiba, Philips, Braun  and  many  more  products  and  categories



Blog Published as on

Thursday, 8 January 2015




•      Results Orientation Set

•      Clear objectives for itself and for job.

•      Prioritize work to achieve goals.

•      Evaluate progress toward the objectives.

•      Complete tasks and meet deadlines.

•      Get the job done despite obstacles and difficulties.

•      Accept responsibility with a “can do” attitude

•      Teamwork :

•      Contribute fully to the activities of the team.

•      Step in and help out other team members when needed.

•      Share information and resources with team members.

•      Work out conflicts directly with the person involved.

•      Build a wide network of relationships throughout D&AR and the college.



•      Prepare thoroughly for each task.

•      Plan work and anticipate potential problems.

•      Follow through on tasks and assignments

•      Hold itself to high standards of performance.

•      Strive to exceed goals.

•      Push itself and others to excel.


Personal Learning

•      Watch others for their reactions in order to pick up on the need to change.

•      Ask for and act on feedback from others.

•      Constantly re-evaluate your own skills and capabilities.

•      Create a personal development plan.

•      Use every assignment as an opportunity to learn something new.



•      Generate new ideas and creative approaches to problems.

•      Encourage creativity in others.

•      Recognize and reward innovation and calculated risk taking.

•      Demonstrate a willingness to experiment.

•      Pursue a unique idea or approach to get it implemented.



•      Delegate tasks appropriately.

•      Ask for help when needed.

•      Communicate clearly and concisely, both verbally and in writing.

•      Carry out directions promptly.

•      Make the best use of others' time as well as your own.

•      Take the initiative to solve recurring problems and eliminate redundancies.


Personal learning

•      Watch others for their reactions in order to pick up on the need to change.

•      Ask for and act on feedback from others.

•      Constantly re-evaluate your own skills and capabilities.

•      Create a personal development plan.

•      Use every assignment as an opportunity to learn something new.




•      Keep the big picture in mind.

•      Look for ways to make change work rather than objecting or resisting.

•      Adapt your behavior to the needs of the situation.

•      Participate as a follower as well as a leader on teams.

•      Adapt plans and reprioritize tasks as circumstances change.



•      Respect personal differences and values.

•      Actively seek to understand others' point of view.

•      Consider other ideas open-mindedly.

•      Acknowledge the needs of others.

•      Respond non-defensively when others disagree with your views.

•      State your own views honestly and openly.


Donor Focus

•      Ask what the customer needs.

•      Listen attentively to what others are communicating.

•      Respond in a timely manner to customer requests.

•      Handle even difficult customer situations with diplomacy and patience.

•      Go the extra mile to serve.



•      Maintain confidentiality.

•      Speak the truth.

•      Limit personal business on the job.

•      Stay focused on work rather than getting distracted by gossip.

•      When problems arise, work to find solutions rather than complain.

•      Speak constructively of co-workers, the job and the institution.



•      Use humor appropriately to encourage and energize.

•      Communicate excitement and enthusiasm about the work.

•      Look for ways to inject fun activities into the work place.

•      Demonstrate an ability to laugh at yourself.

•      Manage personal stress and stay cool under pressure.



 Shopping Jinni Core values


1. Encourage each of your team members to participate : Each team member had the chance to voice out their opinions as we went through each of the core values. It was important that we all have a say in this process as we are the ones who are expected to display behaviours that reflect our core values in our positions.


2. Give your team advanced notice to allow them to think about the core values: How he wanted to realign our core values with our business. We want to ensure that our core values consistent with our organization objectives. Understanding the purpose of the meeting gave me more of an incentive to think about what our core values are and whether I believe in them.


3.   Move on when you get stuck : When we were uncertain about one value, we would make a note to come back to it. If we felt that we were not making any progress in terms of relating the core values to the behaviours we displayed at work, we would move on to other things. A core value that was brought up by another team member. After we all shared what we understood by entrepreneurship, it was clear that we are empowering ourselves when we have an entrepreneurial spirit. Therefore, we took Empowerment out and added Entrepreneurship instead as our new core value.


4.   Do not rush through the process – Core values are a competitive advantage for your company. If you invest the time and resources in defining them. We did not set a deadline for this process. The values that we have not made a decision on.


5. Align your workforce: Our core values is a social performance tool for continuous feedback, coaching, recognition, and goal tracking without relying on performance reviews


6. Understanding Performance: When we set goals, whether they are personal or work related, we immediately channel our attention. When our brain is not focused on anything, we are deploying energy in all possible ways. A specific and measurable goal creates focus and energy: your brain starts filtering information in the environment directly relevant to achievement of the goal. Once we consciously focus on a goal, our brain subconsciously evaluates goal-relevant information that can help us reach the end result.


7.  Commitment: When an employee set a goal and shares it with the organization, this shows a level of commitment. Adding a deadline increases the level of commitment from the employees’ perspective as they are accountable to delivering the results on a specific time. The other crucial part is to have the managers’ commitment as well. Commitment is NOT micromanaging. The commitment from your managers consists of keeping track of the employees’ progress, setting up follow-ups to talk about the goals and any obstacles, and providing the appropriate level of support.




Blog Published as on

Friday, 3 October 2014


Shopping Jinni is among the India's top fastest growing customer delighted online shopping e-commerce portal.


Shoppingjinni wishes you a very happy prosperous Diwali.


The bumper shopping season of the year has on final stage. We are super excited about the next one month and wish to thank each of our customers and partners for a phenomenal success and building Shoppingjinni with 1,50,000 customers and 5,000 merchant partners across 100 categories in very short span of time. 


Our customer centric approach ” We sell what the customer needs  not what we want to sell ” we provides the best experience of online shopping to our customers and that will only be successful if our customer are successful. And hence, we will strive to provide you with the best positioning and visibility for your products. With our electrifying advertising campaign targeted at millions of customers across the country, we are leaving no stone unturned in marketing your brand to the target customer.


This Diwali, it’s all about super sales and achieving our targets jointly. So, let us offer a smile, a phenomenal experience and a promise of great quality to our valued customers every time one chooses to shop with us and achieve massive sales.


Let’s together celebrates this Diwali! Entire Teams....



Shopping Jinni Started Online Shopping E Commerce Portal in December 2013


Shopping Jinni is among the India's tops fastest growing customer delighted Online shopping E-commerce portal in India. We offering 100% best genuine product quality products with and great Niche selection, low price, quick delivery, simple interface, and ending with the best customer service you have ever experienced and customer has to just wish-click & buy with hassle free product return policies and enjoy the magical shopping experience with multiple payment option such as Cash on Delivery, Credit Cards, Debit Card, and Net Banking processed through secure and trusted payment gateways.


Founded in December 2013 in India, is India's best online selling retail portal and the largest managed marketplace. Shopping Jinni core team has combined experience in Online Retail Marketing, E-commerce portal and online selling products technology and retail primarily product on Internet in India.