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In the contemporary time, technology is playing a crucial role in providing the innovative minds get access to information and get connected to people easily. It is helping all including the entrepreneurs, merchants, craftsmen, and innovators to connect to the greater world and access the global market even from remote locations. The ability to connect and sell innovations is now at the click of a mouse.

The Government of India and other pre-commerce websites such as is also taking effective and praiseworthy initiatives to help innovative minds to come out and connect to the world from the widest variety of sources. “The main objective is to encourage Indians to come up and share their unique ideas in exploring greater choices so that they can get the due cognizance of their ability and innovations. We are just acting as launch pads for innovations,” says, Dinesh Kumar, CEO, and co-founder of the pre-commerce website

The majority of the Indians are still inaccessible to technology or do not own a computer and also it is seen that because of geographic barriers and lack of launch pads, the unique ideas are still been unable to communicate to the world. But these barriers are gradually diminishing as pre-commerce sites are empowering people to overcome the boundaries with the use of the web. These pre-commerce websites, for many, is now making things possible where earlier only impossibilities existed.


Empowering People with the help of Innovation


Many innovators or craftsmen have already made use of these launch pads and have been remained successful to build their products or ideas as a brand. One such category that has witnessed the growth is electronics. The unique products in online store in India is seen filling up with innovative products that were earlier limited with common and ordinary products. The unique products online store in India is now meeting the demand of the consumers who seek for products with extraordinary features. And in the coming years, the demand of unique consumer electronics is likely to go up. To meet the expected demand, pre-commerce websites are seen warming up themselves with loads of products having amazing features.


 Products at Pre-commerce site in India


As the traffic of the consumers for unique products are significant so the display of flashy-banners and home pages are also seen on websites that intend to encourage visitors to click through and buy.

Though ShoppingJinni has been the pioneer in pre-commerce sites, but most or similar sites are also devising strategies to enter this new market. They are trying to venture with products having specific features to attract customers.

Thus, entrepreneurs and local craftsmen are now seen benefitting with the empowerment of technology as they can take their innovative ideas and products to the global platform.